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September newsletter


Welcome to our September newsletter. Blimey, where did summer go? It sort of fell off a massive cliff half way through August. Don't worry though, we actually love seasons and the onset of Autumn gives us a great chance to do loads of things and change menus, get the logs delivered for the burner, get the scarves ready and even go mushroom foraging!

In this months newsletter you can read about all these changes in the 'next 30 days', we introduce you to the most amazing eyes in 'meet the team', we meet Richard, Katherine and the kids in 'meet a customer', we celebrate the Dorset Cheese festival with a Blue Vinney recipe in 'tummy', soup in 'friends' and a warm spiced cocktail in 'hiccup'. I genuinely get excited writing these newsletters, so much going on, so much awesome stuff just by listening to the seasons and getting all autumn like. Enough waffle from me, better get on with things...

As always feedback on this month's newsletter or anything else is appreciated via mark@urbanreef.com. Remember if you want to read any of our previous newsletters you can find them here.

Thanks so much for reading, enjoy the blurb, keep in touch and pop in and see us soon.

Cheers – Mark (Head Urbaner)

Mark Cribb Urban Reef owner  

The next 30 days

Autumn is here

Okay, so you're probably getting the point now that we are in an exciting time of season changing. The wet August has led to an abundance of New Forest mushrooms, many of the visitors have disappeared and we've got a little more time on our hands, so we have some cool stuff happening.

Sunday Roast

Our beautiful Sunday Roast is now back on the menu every Sunday from noon until 4pm ish (depends when the meat runs out). We get the very best local produce and roast it all up and deliver it to you with some huge Yorkshire puddings. It's a good idea to book for this lunch service too since it gets really popular. Remember you can do that easily online here.

3 courses for £18

Back by popular demand from last winter we have reintroduced our mid week 'bistro' menu that offers you 2 courses for £14 and 3 courses for £18. This menu runs lunch times and evenings from Monday through to Thursday evening and Friday lunch. It's exceptional value and replaces our mid week specials board. The chefs have time in the winter to create some really lovely, well balanced and affordable dishes. Again, please book in advance so we know you are coming and can make sure we have staff and dishes a plenty... it really helps us out.

New menu

Our new evening and daytime menus will be launched this month too. Our day menu can offer a bit more in the way of 'bistro' food as well as 'cafe' in the winter, again since we have a bit more time, so look out for some great new dishes such as a cream of leek and basil gnocchi, New Forest sausage and mash, fish pie and the classic hash making a return to our lunch time offering.

Christmas Menus

We know it's only September, but we've been getting heaps of enquiries about Xmas. Both our party menu for the month of December and our Xmas day menu are now online and available here. Lauren has kindly offered to look after Xmas bookings so simply email lauren@urbanreef.com with anything you would like to know. We have some great plans for Xmas decorations and an outside hut selling our own mulled wine and Kay the cakes minced pies. We're pretty excited actually so please spread the word and get your office party to join us.


Hum a Hum a strum strum..

Live music is still happening every Wednesday evening from about 7.30pm up in the restaurant. 3 course dinner for £18 and live music. Come on, book in now for every Wednesday and come and keep us company. We promise to love you for it. Our music schedule can be found here.

A bit less of us

It's worth noting that we will change our opening hours on the 4th of October and will not open until 9am instead of 8am each day. We will also close Sunday evenings, apart from the last Sunday of each month where our new resident musician 'Jonathon Cotton' will be doing a monthly performance. More on that soon.

Music Wednesdays at the Urban Reef

Hannah Robinson
29th September


Meet the team


This month I'd like to introduce you to Maria. Maria has amazing eyes so you'll definitely recognise her next time you are at the Reef. Maria has also been with us pretty much from the start and her bubbly personality on the bar is an amazing asset for us and you! Maria has a degree in media from London and has worked in hospitality for many years. Born in Argentina, but having been in the UK since she was 2 Maria has an infectious charm that so many of you already love. Please say hi to her next time you're in and take a long look into the town's most amazing eyes. You'll be enchanted for sure.

Training - Heaps of cool London bars, then a stint at 60 million in Bournemouth followed by a lot of love in the Urban Reef family.
Favourite Food - Steak & salad
Favourite drink - Tanqueray Gin and Fever tree tonic with a splash of elderflower
Did you know - That Maria auditioned to be a CBBC presenter when she was at Uni!

Meet the Urban team



Meet a customer

We love Boscombe, and having made it our home for the past four and a bit years we really want to recognise the amazing local community who make this place diverse! Each month we'll introduce you to a couple of our lovely customers, who as a thanks for being special will also get dinner for two on us. To nominate yourselves please email community@urbanreef.com and let us know what you like about Urban Reef, Boscombe and life in general xx

This month let me introduce you to:

Who: Richard, Katherine & kids Matthew(6) & Lara(2)

Love: Well it might sound a bit cheesy but actually they just really love hanging out in Boscombe and why not we say. A perfect Boscombe day can start at the top of the Chine with a nice walk through the gardens and some splashing in the unique water playground. Then an energy providing nip in to the Urban Reef obviously followed by an energy zapping play in the sand until rest is required with a more lazy afternoon.

Like the Urban Reef because: (Over to them...) 'Richard loves the Surfs Up breakfast, because it's a cut above the rest. Matthew would die for the pancakes, plain with summer fruits is his favourite. Lara dips into everyone else's breakfast but really enjoys a hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows and Katherine never tires of the poached egg and muffin choices. It's always a very relaxed, fun way to start the weekend with your lovely child friendly staff'. (thanks special very nice people family, we love you too xx).

Urban Reef loyal customers

Richard, Katherine,
Matthew & Lara


What's in your tummy?

Dorset Blue Vinney Mushrooms

Did you know there is a Cheese Festival in Sturminster Newton every September? It is an amazing celebration of cheese. (Urban Beach actually came 2nd in the Dorset Best Cheeseboard competition which was a great result from the whole County). We're so lucky in Dorset to have so many amazing cheeses available so close to home. Our new menu will feature a new selection for you to come and try. One of the best known is the multi award winning Blue Vinney, so this month mixing that with some autumn mushrooms seemed to make perfect sense.


4 large portobello mushrooms
2 garlic cloves , finely chopped
150g Dorset Blue Vinny cheese
4 slices ham , halved
2 tbsp olive oil
50g pine nuts , lightly toasted
small handful parsley , roughly chopped
toasted ciabatta and salad, to serve


Heat oven to 200C/fan 180C/gas 6. Wipe the mushrooms with kitchen paper and place on a baking tray, gills facing up. Season, then scatter with the garlic, dot with the Dorset Blue Vinney and top each with a piece of ham.

Drizzle over olive oil, cover with foil, then cook in the oven for 10 mins. After 5 mins, remove the foil and return to the oven.

When the mushrooms are tender and the cheese melted and bubbling, scatter over the pine nuts and parsley. Serve with toasted ciabatta and a dressed winter leaf salad.

Urban Reef recipe of the month

Dorset Blue Vinney Mushrooms


Oohh, a competition...

Your favourite winter tipple

We have given you loads of ideas for drinks to make in our "Hiccup" section so now we think you should be the mixologist! So for this month's competition we'd like you to give us your favourite winter tipple.

To win a meal for 2, just send us the recipe and a nice photo of it. Maybe even of you drinking it? But we don't want a photo of you after drinking 5 of them! (Drink responsibly and all that!)

Send it to competition@urbanreef.com and as usual we'll buy dinner for 2 for the winner... what are you waiting for?

Last month's winner

Now last months competition for the best air show shot got really tricky due to the absolutely remarkable weather. Fortunately David and Patricia Roe did actually manage to get this shot of some planes in the air. Congratulations and please do enjoy dinner on us.

Urban Reef competition

Air Festival


Some of our bestest friends

Dorset Blue Soup Company

Each month we like to introduce you to some our beautiful suppliers who work tirelessly making amazing things for us to introduce to you. This month lets meet our local soup friends. The Dorset Blue Soup company came about one wet October Saturday, with a car load of Dorset Blue Vinney left over from a local farmers market and Emily's anxious thought of what to do with it now it was all cut and portioned up.

The aim of The Dorset Blue Soup Company is to offer a fresh soup that is packed full of the flavour and feel of the countryside using locally produced ingredients. Nice aim heh? All the milk comes from their own herd of Fresian cows which graze in the Blackmore Vale. The cheese is a hand-skimmed, unpasteurised, vegetarian cheese which can be affected by the weather, the cow's diet or what colour the farmer's socks are when he is milking the cows!

Most of the recipes include Dorset Blue Vinney as a subtle ingredient because in 1984, Micheal Davies resurrected Dorset Blue Vinney, which had disappeared for nearly half a century. It was once produced in nearly every farmhouse in Dorset. The cream would be removed from the morning's milk to make butter and the remaining milk would be turned into cheese.

In March 2004 Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall approached The Blue soup Company to create a range of River Cottage products since he was impressed with their similar set of ideals.

This links in to why we love the Dorset Blue Soup company! They use local producers, mostly within Dorset, and have a passion for all the great produce that is available just outside our front doors. Their soups are seasonal and each few weeks the flavours vary depending on what vegetable may be particularly tasty at that very moment in time. They can offer full traceability of their products as they know where each and every item has originated from, how it was grown and how it was transported to them.

They are a family company that has grown throughout the years but still stick to their original ideals and passions and for that we tip our hats to them and think you should too. Lovely xx

Urban Reef bestest friends

Dorset Blue
Soup Company



Homemade spiced apple & grape juice served hot
(also available as alcoholic option by adding Jon's spiced rum)

This is really delicious and you just have to go and make one. Autumn screams apples, and a bit of warmth and spice and just plain loveliness in this tipple will make you feel like grabbing your scarf and a pair of wellies and dancing in the surf!


5 chopped apples (available from our deli)
5-6 grapes
2 cinnamon sticks
1 vanilla pod
5 raisins
5 cloves
2 apricots (dried)
1 nutmeg
5 juniper berries
1 Litre of Hill Farm Apple Juice (available from our Deli)

How to make it:

Put all of the above ingredients into a pan and heat on the hob until just before boiling point. (If you don't have every item, don't worry, just add a bit more of what you do have... ) Strain juice into glasses and enjoy this beautiful drink on a chilly autumn afternoon (or a sunny morning!) You decide...

The Urban Reef Hiccup

Urban Homemade
spiced apple
& grape juice


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