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Autumn newsletter


Welcome to our latest newsletter. What an absolutely beautiful time of the year this is. Clear skies, crisp days, the low sun creating beautiful light on the beach and a lot less hustle and bustle on the prom. Please don't forget us though. With a log burner, candles, love in our hearts and all the summer passion still alive in our souls we’d like you to keep coming back.

In this months newsletter we’ve got lots of reasons to do so. First we run through what's happening in the next 30 days, then we finally get to introduce you to hunky Will in 'meet the team', then we learn about Gareth, Maggie, Kieran and Cerys in ‘meet a customer’, we have a twist on our breakfast pancakes bringing in the autumnal pumpkin in 'what's in your tummy', we go all Halloween for the 'competition' introduce you to a wonderful veg man in 'friends' and wash it all down with an aromatic and screaming autumn spiced apple cider in 'hiccup'.

As always feedback on this month's newsletter or anything else is appreciated via mark@urbanreef.com. Remember if you want to read any of our previous newsletters you can find them here.

Thanks so much for reading, enjoy the blurb, keep in touch and pop in and see us soon.

Cheers – Mark (Head Urbaner)

Mark Cribb Urban Reef owner  

The next 30 days

All sorts of stuff going on that you can be involved with in the next 30 days. Alright Xmas is a bit more than 30 days away, but you can at least book it in the next 30 days so that sort of counts.

3 courses for £18

We've been running this again for a few weeks now and it's proved an instant hit as it did last winter. The 'bistro' menu offers you 2 courses for £14 and 3 courses for £18 plus a complimentary coffee. This menu runs from Monday evening all the way through to Friday lunch. The chef's have time in the winter to create some really lovely, well balanced and affordable dishes. Again, please book in advance so we know you are coming and can make sure we have staff and dishes a plenty... it really helps us out.

Christmas Menus

33 of you for Xmas day already!!...thanks so much! Many of you happy customers from last year, so follow their lead everyone else because they know things, and knowers of things should be followed. FACT. Both our party menu for the month of December and our Xmas day menu are now online and available here. Email lauren@urbanreef.com with anything you would like to know since we pumped her full of Xmas cheer so the rest of us can carry on being just a little bit grumpy, but not Lauren, nope, she's whistling Rudolf as I write! We have some great plans for Xmas decorations and an outside hut selling our own mulled wine and Kay the cakes minced pies. We're pretty excited actually so please spread the word and get your office party to join us. Don’t have one of those naff parties buried in a dull hotel conference suite, join us and feel the real Santa Christmas in your hearts!

Sunday Roast

Our beautiful Roast is now firmly established on the menu every Sunday from noon until 4pm ish (depends when the meat runs out). Our meat all comes from Danestream Farm Shop in the New Forest and is the very best we can find. Roasted up with giant Yorkshire and delivered (not actually to your house, sorry) for £10... can’t be bad! It's a good idea to book for this lunch service too since it gets really popular. Remember you can do that easily online here


Hum a Hum a strum strum..

A 3 course dinner and live music for £18 every Wednesday night...why not book in every Wednesday and leave the cooking and washing up for a mid week break. Friday will come round much quicker as a result and that will make you feel better about life and I'll feel better because we'll survive the winter so we're both winners so what are you waiting for? Our music schedule can be found here.

Sunday night live

Most of you will have noticed that we are now closed on Sunday evenings, and may just close Monday's soon too unless we can drag enough of you out of your houses to play with us. Except of course our new SUNDAY NIGHT LIVE events that are on the last Sunday of every month with our resident musician Jonathon Cotton. We only have 7 tables left for the first one on the 31st so book in quick! Full details can be found here.

Music Wednesdays at the Urban Reef

Jonathan Cotton
31st October


Meet the team


This month I'd like to introduce you to Will. If I had a pound for every time some sort of gooey person asks me about Will I'd have £3...not really, I'd have loads. For some reason 'pretty', sorry I mean 'rugged and handsome' Will is very popular with our female customers of all ages and a few men too looking for a special friend! Depressingly for the rest of us it's worth knowing that looking as good as Will actually takes an obscene amount of effort. He goes to the gym hourly, checks his reflection every 47 seconds and lives on seaweed, water and 97% pure oxygen. It's just not right. Will is the Assistant Manager at the Reef, has been with us since day one and is the 'Rock' of the building. Literally if he stopped holding up the walls it would fall down. So next time you see him, check out his biceps, be blinded by his teeth, but mainly thank him for making the Reef what it is.

Training - Having completed his A-levels, Will set off to the University of Surrey for 4 amazing years. Safe to say he enjoyed it. Will studied 'International Hospitality Management' and completed a placement year abroad in the big apple! While in America he managed to travel some of the States and its fair to say fell in love with the West coast. In his words 'Personally, I blame the Californian waves, weather and women!'. Following Uni, Will set off backpacking around the world starting in Thailand and stopping off in Malaysia, Singapore, Bali, OZ, NZ, Fiji, Hawaii and finally LA. 10 months later he was back in the UK; tanned, refreshed and raring to get stuck into the town's newest and hardest to run restaurant!
Favourite Food - 'You can't beat a big old juicy steak and chips'.
Favourite drink - 'Pamps n coke' (aka Pampero Especial, coke and tons of fresh lime)
Did you know - While at Uni Will did a spot of distinctly average modelling in London and took part in a remarkably cheesy music video. It somehow made it to number 14 in the charts and haunts him to this day. It's Hilarious! :) Don't mention to Will that we've included it, but it's actually just here.

Meet the Urban team



Meet a customer

We love Boscombe, and having made it our home for the past four and a bit years we really want to recognise the amazing local community who make this place diverse! Each month we'll introduce you to a couple of our lovely customers, who as a thanks for being special will also get dinner for two on us. To nominate yourselves please email community@urbanreef.com and let us know what you like about Urban Reef, Boscombe and life in general xx

This month let me introduce you to:

Who: Gareth, Maggie, Kieran and Cerys

Love: Really really love anything to do with the sea. Gareth and Maggie are keen sailors at Parkstone Yacht Club racing three times per week on those beautiful long summer evenings. Gareth loves cycling to work along Boscombe Beach every day on his way to JP Morgan. No better way to clear the head before a day in the office! The kids aged 5 and 3 enjoy playing in the water park in Boscombe Gardens before wandering down the hill to Urban Reef for breakfast.

Like the Urban Reef because: (Over to them...) 'I am a Personal Trainer and love your connection with Steve Martin. I run bootcamps in Parkstone starting at 6.30am which really would enable you to be in Boscombe for breakfast! Choices for breakfast? For me it's got to be poached eggs on a muffin with hollandaise sauce - delicious with smoked salmon. My husband says you can't beat a full English. And, the kids love the pancakes. Mmmmm it's making me hungry just writing it!'

Urban Reef loyal customers

Richard, Katherine,
Matthew & Lara


What's in your tummy?

Pumpkin pancakes

What an amazing fruit the pumpkin is. Just to look at it is amazing, a thing of beauty and nothing shouts October louder in the Veggie world with its giant orange awakening from the ground. It also tastes nice, so wake up to spicy Pumpkin Pancakes hot from the griddle! Serve with Maple syrup and sprinkle with brown sugar and cinnamon for a winter time treat.


2 cups wheat flour
1/3 cup brown sugar
1 ½ teaspoons baking powder
½ teaspoon baking soda
½ teaspoon ground cinnamon
½ teaspoon salt
1 2/3 cups milk
100gr cooked pumpkin puree
3 large eggs
2 tablespoons already melted butter
Plus 4 tablespoons unmelted butter
Maple syrup


Combine the wheat flour, brown sugar, baking powder, baking soda, cinnamon and salt into a bowl.

In a separate bowl blend the milk, eggs, pumpkin and melted butter. Add the flour mixture and whisk until smooth.

Melt 1 tablespoon butter in large non stick frying pan or skillet over a medium heat. Working in batches, drop batter by ¼ cupfuls into skillet. Cook pancakes until bubbles form on top, sides appear dry and bottoms are golden brown. This takes about 2 ½ minutes.

Turn pancakes over and cook until golden brown, about 2 minutes. Transfer to baking sheet; place in oven to keep warm. Repeat with remaining batter, adding more butter to pan as necessary for each batch.

Serve pancakes hot with maple syrup.

Makes about 15 pancakes.

Urban Reef recipe of the month

Pumpkin pancakes


Oohh, a competition...

Halloween pumpkin competition

So it's half term next week and it's nearly Halloween and we love pumpkins, so this month's competition was a sort of given. Carve the scariest, ugliest or even the prettiest (back to Will) face from a seasonal pumpkin, get your kids involved but please just be careful, we don't want any photo's of injuries incurred ;-) and you can even make some beautiful pancakes with the spare bits.

Send us your photos to competition@urbanreef.com and as usual we'll buy dinner for 2 for the winner... what are you waiting for?

Urban Reef competition

Halloween pumpkin competition


Some of our bestest friends

Country Fare

Hopefully you're all aware of our passion for local, ethical, seasonal and all that jazz. It's actually pretty hard and up there with Fish as particularly tricky to get hold of is fruit and veg. The global economy means that often in the wholesale world the country of origin of produce is not seen as relevant and it took us a long time to find a veg supplier who really cared about UK produce.
Quite often we can actually find a farmer in the Forest who produces what we want, but we have no way of getting it to the restaurant. We do need middle men since driving around the forest to heaps of different suppliers is not something we have time for. Country Fare have built close relationships with local farmers and suppliers, which enable them to deliver produce that is locally sourced, seasonal, and therefore the freshest and highest quality available on the South Coast.
We love Country Fare as they are an endless source of knowledge on seasonality and their ideals and ethics sit nicely alongside ours. They also have a great seasonality chart that shows when British produce is in season and if it's not where it comes from. We hope you will find the chart interesting and useful too!

Urban Reef bestest friends

Country Fare



Urban Spiced Cider

Apples, spices, nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla, my goodness just reading the ingredients in this little beauty will start to warm you from the inside. It just screams 'make me now', so please do, or at least tomorrow.


To make 1 litre of spice mix you will need:

4 oranges (each spiced with 5 cloves)
2 cinnamon sticks
2 whole nutmegs grated
2 vanilla pods
5 cardomon pods
100 ml elderflower cordial
1 Litre of Hill Farm Apple Juice (available from our Deli)

How to make it:

Pop all ingredients into a pan and simmer for 10-15 minutes. Once cool strain into a bottle.

One ladle of this mix can be mixed with 1 pint of Aspall Cider and warmed to create your 'Spiced Cider'! You can also use this spice mix to pep up apple juice, ginger beer or Palmers Gold ale just mix 1 ladle of spice mix with 500ml of your chosen tipple!

The Urban Reef Hiccup

Urban Spiced Cider


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