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March newsletter


Welcome to the 2nd addition of our Urban Reef newsletter. Thanks so much for your feedback on last months, our first. Clearly we may not be following full 'newsletter' etiquette with my ramblings, but a number of you seemed to be interested in Urban Reef life, so thanks heaps for your support. As always feedback and ideas appreciated via community@urbanreef.com

Clearly the delete button is still tempting for some of you, which I fully understand being a busy chap myself, but for those of you with a couple of minutes please enjoy the following snippets. In this month's we've got some info on the wonderful celebration that is 'mothers day'. We introduce you to the very delicious head chef in 'meet the team', you get to meet the lovely 'Howard and Kerrie' in 'meet a customer', Kay continues to work on your waistband with a seasonal rhubarb muffin recipe which is divine & introduces you to last months gingerbread winners, you meet Chris our apple supplier and get to hiccup on a grumble... it's truly packed!!

Thanks so much for reading, enjoy the blurb, keep in touch and pop in and see us soon.

Cheers Mark (Head Urbaner)

Mark Cribb Urban Reef owner  

The 30 Days of March

Mothers Day

Ahhh, we can't really say enough about Mummys can we? They are very delicious and even when you are a very big grown up a Mummy's hug is a rather special magical thingymajig. It would seem this is not a new thing too... Mummys have always been special. Rumour has it the worship of a great mother of Greek gods in the 'Cybele' festival started things off a very long time ago... don't you think the world and history is a seriously awesome thing? Anyway, before we get too philosophical, we'll have our normal 2 or 3 course Sunday roast running on Mothers Day. Normal price too since we don't think it's right to make things more expensive for Mummys cos they are special. You can book online, but spaces are getting limited... some clever clogs seem to be able to remember Mothers day in advance and some 120 of you have already booked for lunch... smarty pants!!

Strum, strum, hum, hum...

It's amazing, that on a rainy Wednesday evening so many of you make the effort to wander along the prom in your coats and come and soak up the vibe in the restaurant. Some great acoustic tunes being strummed away on the guitar, the moon, the clinking of glasses and the chatter of happy customers. I get so excited when I see the restaurant like this on a school night... I really do. Anyway, acts and dates for this month are available here


Meet the team


Janusz is the Urban Reef head chef. He's a legend and we love him. He works seriously hard, like really really properly hard. Janusz used to live in Poland, but Boscombe has been his home for many years now. Even so one of his greatest talents is writing hilarious menus that we try and decipher and turn back into English... that's one of the highlights of the week at our managers meetings, but we do have a warped sense of humour.

Janusz first worked with Mark about five years ago at a golf course in the New Forest where he mainly cooked for golf society days. He then joined the Urban Beach Hotel right back in the early days before we renovated. Hes then worked for a number of head chefs during the past few years, frantically learning and perfecting his trade. During that time hes completed various chef qualifications and really fallen in love with the very finest food and produce. It's been a great journey for both him and the urbans. Finally, once he was utterly ready, he was given his own kitchen in September 2009 when he became the top kitchen boss at Urban Reef. Janusz understands the 'Urban Reef' ethos having been in the business for so long and knows a lot about seasonal, ethical and local produce.

Name an ingredient and Janusz will be able to reel off the top three suppliers, which ones taste the best, which ones can deliver before service on a Tuesday, and which ones produce the most locally to us too. He's also very attractive and single and is available for dates between the hours of about 8am and noon before service starts, except at weekends when he's too busy! We think that's why he can be so nice and single! Janusz does a great job and really is a star of the urban family so if you see him, say hi and make his day.

Janusz the Urban Reef head chef

Janusz the head chef


Meet a customer

We love Boscombe, and having made it our home for the past four and a bit years we really want to recognise the amazing local community who make this place diverse! Each month we'll introduce you to a couple of our lovely customers, who as a thanks for being special will also get dinner for two on us. To nominate yourselves please email community@urbanreef.com and let us know what you like about Urban Reef, Boscombe and life in general xx

Howard and Kerrie...

This month let me introduce you to Howard and Kerrie. They had their wedding reception in the Urban Reef last month having been loyal customers at the Urban Beach and Reef since the beginning of time, so we really think they deserve to be this month's specially loved customers.

Who: Kerrie, otherwise known as Smithy, and Howard otherwise known as Smithy, both live in Boscombe Manor. Smithygirl has always been local to Bournemouth whilst Smithyboy has migrated down from Robin Hood country - Nottingham, and is a lifetime follower of Nottingham Forest (shame). They love living by the sea and could never see themselves living anywhere else unless they won the lottery!
Love: They both love the beach, the sea and each other (arhh, that's nice, but the thing is they are two of the loveliest people in the world so not surprising... )
Hiccup: For Smithy (kerrie) it's a nice dry white wine after Friday night jobs and for Smithy (Howard) it's anything that has alcohol in it. (it's true, he is very thirsty)
Place to visit: Sardinia. Lovely coastline, great beaches and beautiful food.
Like the Urban Reef because: It's by the sea, has great views, excellent staff who are always friendly and accommodating. The food is awesome. Lastly it's special to us as we got married there. xxx We don't just like Urban Reef we LOVE Urban Reef. (forgot to mention we also love Urban Beach too) (We don't edit this line, honest, in fact it makes us go a bit red, but it's lovely to hear)

Urban Reef loyal customers

Howard and Kerrie


Whats in your tummy?

Spelt Rhubarb and Ginger Muffins

Due to Kays loveliness we managed to convince her to let us have another of her great recipes! So if you would like a nice muffin to go with your cuppa on a sunday morning you can get the recipe here, or if baking is not your thing, pop into our deli and pick some up that Kay has baked!.

Urban Reef Rhubarb and

Oohh, a competition...

Give a hug get a hug, that's our philosophy. Giving gifts is really fun and makes people smile. We love our customers, we really do, so we'd like to make you smile and give you a gift too. But we're competitive folk to, so you have to earn your gift, just like the special gingerbread makers to your right.

So this month's, please make us laugh, and we'll make you smile with a dinner for two on us. Please send a little poem or a limerick to competition@urbanreef.com. At the end of March we'll read them all at our managers meeting and whoever makes our ribs hurt the most will be the winner. We'll also publish some on our website if you don't mind... might as well all have a giggle.

Congratulations to Sue, Adam, Ruby and Ben who sent in their entry with some impressive ginger folk, from a snowman, surfer dudes and even Prince Charles! They won lunch at the Urban Reef for making us happy.

February competition winners

competition winners


Some of our bestest friends?

Hill farm juice Hampshire

British apples... we're good at apples, not that we don't love France, but British apples are cool, so we were excited to meet Chris from Hill farm juice. With his wife Carol, and their happy team they do an awful lot with apples, and pears. The beautiful fruit is grown right in the heart of the Hampshire downs where a diddy micro-climate leads to beautiful fruit for juicing. They are hand picked, hand selected and then gently crushed to extract the juice. Quickly pasteurised to lock in that 'orchard fresh' flavour.

Their juice is truly seasonal following the varieties available in the UK. At the moment we stock in the deli and use in your drinks the Bramley and Cox varieties, the last of the winter crop. This juice has won the English Apple Juice Competition at the National Fruit Show and combines the tanginess of the Bramley with the fruitiness of the Cox. Come August the 'discovery' variety will take over. And you thought it was just apple juice! Pick some up in the deli next time you visit and fall in love with British apples (and pears).

Chris at Hill farm juice  

Come with us

Oh it's so lovely. As I sit here now, the sun is shining and with the windows shut it looks warm enough outside for a swim. Anyway, the rapidly approaching summer means we need heaps of people to come and join the team. At the moment a rainy Monday requires as few as 6 team members to get through the day. By comparison a sunny Saturday requires 30 staff and costs us 2500 in just one day in salaries... that's pretty scary.

Right now we need really passionate people who have a genuine love of hospitality. We can teach you heaps, but we struggle to instil the basic human desire to make other people happy. If you have that please take a look on our 'job' page here and send us your details. Part time, full time, managers, chefs, waiters, bar crew... we really need all sorts right now at both the Urban Beach and Urban Reef. In the summer we have almost 100 staff between the two locations... that is pretty crazy too... used to just be me...



Drink of the month

The Rhubarb Grumble

50ml shots Ketel one vodka
25ml shot Rhubarb syrup
15ml shot fresh lemon
75ml fresh apple juice
Pinch of cinamon.
Garnish a stick of Rhubarb!

Served long and strong with Ketel One vodka.

Take the vodka, rhubarb syrup, fresh apple juice and a pinch of cinnamon. Put all the ingedients into a boston glass with ice, shake, then strain. Now pour over fresh ice in a high ball glass, garnish, job done!

This seasonal offering is so named because it was designed by our happiest member of our Urban bar team (Jon!).

Urban Reef Rhubarb Grumble  

Urban Life

We encourage our crew here to write little snippets for us sometimes if anything interesting happens in Urban Life. Having been through therapy it was suggested that Nick share his story here so that he can move on.

web: www.urbanreef.com

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