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June newsletter


Welcome to the Urban Reef June/a bit of July newsletter. Yes, some of the more observant amongst you may have noticed this newsletter is a little late. Summer's here it would seem so things have been pretty crazy. Thanks so much for your continued support. I am pleased to say we've just recruited a couple of new chefs who should help us speed up service a bit for peak season.

In this month's newsletter we introduce you to lovely Nick Legrand (yes friend of lovely Kay, Lauren and Janusz), a valued member of the team; we introduce you to Alan & Karen in 'Meet the Customer'; to celebrate the close of asparagus season we've got one last tasty and simple recipe for you in the 'tummy' feature; Head Chef needs your help in the competition; we introduce you to New Forest ice cream in 'Meet a Friend' and at the end of it all a delicious summer alternative to Pimms and Lemonade in 'Hiccup'.

In addition to all this, we have a special introduction this month to Steve, our friendly(ish) personal trainer who is going to help you make space for our food in our 'Bournemouth's thinnest restaurant' feature... what a cracking little partnership this should be ;-)

As always feedback on this month's newsletter or anything else is appreciated via mark@urbanreef.com

Thanks so much for reading, enjoy the blurb, keep in touch and pop in and see us soon.

Cheers – Mark (Head Urbaner)

Mark Cribb Urban Reef owner  

The next 30 days

Summer menu

Asparagus season draws to a close in just over a week. We love British asparagus, the very finest you can get. It won't be back on our menu again until next Spring now since the imported stuff is just not as good! So, we'll be tweaking the menu again from Spring to Summer during the course of the next 30 days. Look for some lovely summer fruits at their best in the dessert section and some beautiful English fish at its very best on the specials board. We'll also be hosting BBQs on the beach and the deck whenever the sun permits. It's just a beautiful time of the year and exactly what the Urban Reef was built for, so come down as much as you can.


Strum, strum, hum, hum...

Music is proving as popular as ever on Wednesday nights down at the Reef and Thursday at the Urban Beach. Upcoming acts are listed here as always. During the next few weeks we have favourites Steve Banks, Jonathon Cotton and Uri Tal all seeing a return.

Music Wednesdays at the Urban Reef

Jonathan Cotton


Meet the team

Nick Legrand

Nick is a great guy, really born to work in hospitality (when not acting of course darlings) and has been with the Reef team since day one just over a year ago. He does get accused of 'mincing' his way around the deck a little... an affectionate term for his ability to keep looking good no matter what stresses may be being thrown at him in the process of a very busy summer's day shift. Luckily Nick's ability to look good is matched by his care and passion for ensuring a great experience for every single customer every single time. Nick is a full time and important member of our Front of House team and you'll often find him playing a meet and greet role on the deck... when you do, please love him back, and maybe mention the mincing.

Training - In pursuit of money and fame as a hungry actor Nick ended up doing exactly what he does now; serving breakfast with a smile. The only difference was it was to Danny Minogue at MTV, where he used to work as a script editor and runner.
Favourite Food - chicken fajitas (how posh!)
Favourite drink - A mighty fine Shiraz
Did you know - His Dad is a Vicar…actually a real one…not only that but his fiancé’s Dad is a vicar too…funny that heh!

Meet the Urban team



Meet a customer

We love Boscombe, and having made it our home for the past four and a bit years we really want to recognise the amazing local community who make this place diverse! Each month we'll introduce you to a couple of our lovely customers, who as a thanks for being special will also get dinner for two on us. To nominate yourselves please email community@urbanreef.com and let us know what you like about Urban Reef, Boscombe and life in general xx

Alan & Karen

This month let me introduce you to Alan & Karen :

Who: Alan & Karen originally from Grantham in Lincolnshire, have been part time residents of Boscombe for the past 12 years, enjoying long weekends and holidays visiting the Dorset coast. They are absolutely thrilled that the end of May will see them make a permanent move to their apartment on Boscombe Cliff.

Love: We love the new buzz of the Boscombe sea front, which has come alive with the spa village development and the regeneration of the Overstrand. So much happening right on our door step bringing a breath of fresh life to the area, and of course our favourite restaurant and bar, Urban Reef with its welcoming friendly staff and terrific atmosphere.

Like the Urban Reef because: From the fantastic fresh sea food, the specials board, the delicious breakfasts and drinks on the decking area, with the stunning sea views, all go to make this our perfect "LOCAL". Not only our favourite choice but also that of our daughter Sarah and her husband Tom, whose first request when they visit is "have you booked the Urban Reef"? Congratulations as you celebrate your 1st year in business and here's to many more successful years ahead. (time for our monthly blush and shy little ahem, but we do love you back – UR).

Urban Reef loyal customers

Alan & Karen


What's in your tummy?

Asparagus with Old Winchester shavings and crisp Dorset bacon salad, topped with a free range poached egg.

So, you've probably picked up on the fact we love asparagus by now, and that it's only available locally for another few weeks, so this month's recipe absolutely had to be a little classic with asparagus the major player.


3 egg yolks
75g of butter
6 local asparagus spears
2 rashers of Dorset bacon
2 whole egg
a few shavings of Old Winchester cheese
Handful of mixed leaves
½ lemon


Make your hollandaise by adding 3 egg yolks and a dash of vinegar to a bowl over simmering water, slowly add your melted butter whilst whisking. Once a sauce has formed add seasoning and a squeeze of lemon.

Prepare the asparagus by trimming and peeling it and then wash under cold water. Lightly blanch your asparagus for 2 minutes, then remove and place in cold water to retain colour and texture.

Pan fry your Dorset bacon on a medium heat until crisp and set aside.
Meanwhile place your free range eggs into a simmering pan of water, add some malt vinegar, spin the water and poach for four minutes or until the whites have set.

Assemble your dish by placing some mixed seasonal leaves on your plate, place your asparagus spears on top, then your crisp bacon and finally place your poached eggs on top, finish with the hollandaise sauce and lightly grill (or blow torch!) until the hollandaise is lightly coloured, then scatter some Old Winchester shavings over the top.

Urban Reef recipe of the month

Asparagus with Old Winchester shavings


Oohh, a competition...

Give our chef a hand!

Our head chef Janusz gets a bit tired this time of year, he hasn't had a day off since last Christmas; he stares longingly out at the sea and sand whilst everyone enjoys the weather, and he designs dishes for all our lovely customers and we really want to put a smile on his face. And you can help. Just send in your favourite recipe and a photo of how you'd like it presented to competition@urbanreef.com. Janusz can choose the best one and put it on his daily specials board. The only thing we ask is that you use one of the beautiful seasonal products available this time of the year.

We'll buy you and a guest dinner for your trouble and our chef will love you forever for making his job that little bit easier! He might even get time to dip his feet in the sea. Happy cooking!!

Just so you know, last month nobody entered our postcard competition (boo hoo) so you could just have sent us a post it note and you would have got dinner for two just for entering, so this month, come on... don't be lazy now...

Urban Reef competition

Our head chef


Some of our bestest friends

New Forest Ice Cream

We work with some great local suppliers, and each month we try to introduce you to one, so that you can love them too.

This month we would like to introduce New Forest Ice Cream. When we started to sell soft ice cream on the beach we knew to fit in with our ethos it had to be the very best local dairy ice cream we could find served in a cracking cone. That's when we found our New Forest friends. A family business since 1983 set up by Sue and Lawrie, employing local people and manufacturing in Lymington with a great reputation for quality... they seemed the perfect match. Clearly a lot of taste testing was required, but a few pounds later we settled on their dairy soft blend as being just the one for us. You can now buy their ice cream in various flavours in various outlets, and we certainly recommend you do, but for the soft stuff in the cone, right down on the beach, then you know where we are.

Urban Reef bestest friends

New Forest
ice cream



Urban's Pomms and Homemade Lemonade

Our take on this most quintessential English cocktail, the 'Pimms and Lemonade'

For the Pomms:

25ml Tanqueray London dry gin
25ml Dry White Vermouth
25ml Red Vermouth
5ml of Elderflower cordial
5ml Cranberry juice

Any Fresh fruit you have at home, Mint, Berries, Orange, Ginger, etc

For the homemade Lemonade:

25ml of lemon juice
25ml of Sugar syrup
100 ml of soda water

How to make it:

Put the fruit into your favourite wine glass, add gin, both vermouth's, elderflower and cranberry juice. When you have done that make your homemade lemonade in a different glass and top up with soda, stir well. Fill up your wine glass with ice to the top and finally top up with your Homemade Lemonade, stir and enjoy a classic English summer favourite or come and try one that we have made for you. To take this drink to the ultimate level, check out our friends blog just up the road from us Urban Beach.

The Urban Reef Hiccup

Pomms and Lemonade


Bournemouth's thinnest restaurant

Steve Martin personal trainer

So, we all know that eating out on a regular basis could lead to the odd pound or 10 on the waistline, but fear not! Clearly we want you to come and enjoy beautiful food on a regular basis, so we've teamed up with Steve Martin, a local personal trainer to help you make a bit of space for your next dining experience.

Steve is about to set up some great beachside boot camps starting and finishing at the Urban Reef. Groups are kept small for personal attention aimed at your ability level. Fresh air, sea views, a bit social and you can follow up with a Full English and a cappuccino, or perhaps fruit salad and a smoothie for the sensible!

Over to Steve now to tell you more by clicking here. Please deal with Steve direct for bookings via sjm_personaltrainer@talk21.com or on 07970 228614. Have fun!

Bournemouth's thinest restaurant

Steve Martin


Come with us

We've recruited over 40 staff in the past 8 weeks between the two sites as we build up for summer. Last month alone we spent £75k on staff between Urban Beach and Urban Reef. Yes you did read that right, makes my eyes water. Anyway, we need a few more please... bar team would be particularly useful, but all departments are recruiting, at both sites. A passion for the very finest booze, great cocktail knowledge, experience of busy bars and a love of summer are absolute essentials. In return we will love you and make you happy. Please take a look on our 'job' page here and send us your details.


Maria wants to be included in your holiday!

Maria (one of our lovely bar crew) thought it would be nice if, whilst you are off enjoying yourselves in different parts of the world /country, you spare a thought for her and send her a postcard with an interesting or funny picture on it. Maria would love to decorate our blank wall with all the places you find time to go when you are not relaxing on our deck or enjoying yourselves in our restaurant. So, if you find anywhere that makes you feel happy, smiley and Urban Reef like, send a postcard of it to Maria at Urban Reef via the address below and it'll be on display for your return. Over the years we hope this will grow into a really interesting story of our customers around the world.


web: www.urbanreef.com

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