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February newsletter


Welcome to the very first edition of our Urban Reef newsletter. So far we've simply been fighting for our survival learning how to run a beautiful seafront restaurant, but now we'd really like to look forward to the summer, and get to know our local community better, and help you to get to know us a bit better too.

Each month we'll be sending out a newsletter that we hope will really help us understand each other better. We'll tell you what's happening in the month ahead, introduce you to a team member and how they try to make your visit the very best it can be, introduce you to a lovely lovely customer, throw in a competition for a bit of fun and a thanks to you, tell you about a splendid supplier in our 'some of our bestest friends' feature, let you into a few secrets with a recipe in 'what's in your tummy' and help get you merry or feel delicious with a drinks recipe in our 'hiccup...' section.

We'd also love you to get involved with feedback and ideas by emailing community@urbanreef.com

Thanks so much for reading, enjoy the blurb, keep in touch and pop in and see us soon.

Cheers – Mark (Head Urbaner)

Mark Cribb Urban Reef owner  

The 28 days of February

Love love love... it's Valentines night...

We love you, hopefully you love us, hopefully you love someone else too, we also love other people... it's just a whole lot of love. With so much love in the air where else could you go for valentines evening. Lovely food, a cocktail or two, a bartenders gift, live music. It really will be lovetastic... click here for the menu and you can book online. As of the 5th Feb we have about 10 tables left.

Save a chef's sanity... try out bistro menu

Our poor poor chefs. One minute, it's Saturday night. They can't breath they are working so hard, ticket machines printing away delivering requests from 150 diners in the restaurant. They've been working all day getting ready for a 3 hour service and it's crazy. They love it, they live for it... it's a drug. Then, it's Tuesday, it's raining, they've still prepped all day, but they are lonely, the ticket machine is quiet, they cry into their iced waters at the thought of the fruit of their labours going in the bin. Help save a chef's sanity. Come and take advantage of our 2/3 course special bistro set menu Monday to Thursday. The chef's have time to make it the best food we do, and the best price possible too. They will really love you for it. A quiet chef is a sad chef. Do your bit and make a chef smile. Please xx
View our menus here.

Why does Yorkshire have all the fun...

Nope, we won’t have it. We've got Yorkshire puddings too. Every single plate that leaves the kitchen covered in Sunday roast is topped with one. We can even put on a funny accent if you ask us nicely and tell you about our savings plans (just kidding... no stereotypes here!). The main thing is you can now book ahead for a Sunday roast. Join us, it's mentally busy but very good fun and the meat from Danestream farm shop in the Forest is beautiful! Book online here.

Tunes tunes... we love the tunes...

Nope, not those sore throat jobbies... we mean the gentle sound of guitar strummers and acoustic singers. The moon shimmering on the ocean, the flicker of candle light, the sound of Jean Marc our smooth French waiter and the relaxing tones of some of our regular musicians. Could be a million miles away from Boscombe! Every Wednesday evening we have live music up in the restaurant... not too loud so you can still have a chat.

Urban Reef Valentines menu  

Meet the team


Kay Kay, the lovely Kay. Everybody needs a Kay in their life. Kay loves cake, we love cake, her name even sounds a little bit like cake. Kay works as the sun peeks its head above the horizon baking baking baking. Lovely muffins, flapjacks, cakes, granola, brownies, focaccia, ciabatta, gingerbread people... there is no end to this woman's cookery capabilities. But even better than that, Kay is simply lovely. You often sample Kay's goodies when you order a meal with us, or have a cake and coffee, but heaps of her stuff is available to buy straight from the deli to take home too, so take a look on your next visit. We will be setting up an online ordering for Kay's Reef cakes soon too.

Training – artisan baker at a few small wee places dotted around
Favourite food – chocolate cake of course
Favourite drink – Guiness (it is a bit chocolatey)
Did you know - Kay's uncle Dan Tanner is a New Forest hero growing 1000's of acres of beautiful vegetables and fruit and grain, and he's lovely too.

Kay the Urban Reef baker

Kay our baker!


Meet a customer

We love Boscombe, and having made it our home for the past four and a bit years we really want to recognise the amazing local community who make this place diverse! Each month we'll introduce you to a couple of our lovely customers, who as a thanks for being special will also get dinner for two on us. To nominate yourselves please email community@urbanreef.com and let us know what you like about Urban Reef, Boscombe and life in general xx

Rich and Babs...

This month let me introduce Rich and Babs, our most loyal customers and regular 'completers' of survey responses that keep us on our toes.
Who: Bab’s a Bournemouth native, and Rich both live on Boscombe sea front. They love the recent improvements to the town, with Urban Reef their favourite bit (we love them for that ;-))
Love: Rich is a devoted follower of 'Victor Meldrew's Brother' website and suggests you google them. Babs is known as the Phileas Fogg of the family... itchy feet and all that.
Hiccup: For Rich, a decent Sauvignon Blanc and for Babs a G and T of course
Place to visit: Anywhere on the Nile!
Like the Urban Reef because: 'Great place to relax or meet friends for just drinks, a bite to eat or an excellent dinner. A "feel at home" atmosphere with cheerful staff in a cleverly designed interior (and exterior). What a location!' – we love them for that little snippet too!

Urban Reef loyal customers

Rich and Babs


What’s in your tummy?

Gingerbread People

Due to Kay’s loveliness we managed to convince her to release her prized gingerbread people recipe so that you can make some with your lover on valentine, with the kids during ½ term, or alone whenever you flippin like! Check out the recipe here and don't forget to enter our competition with the results.

Urban Reef Gingerbread love

Oohh, a competition...

Join in, win some cool stuff. This month, with it being half term, we’ve teamed up with Kay in the recipe section and would like to meet your gingerbread people. You can of course make them even if you don't have kids! Send us your pictures of your gingerbread people, or you making them, or you eating them to competition@urbanreef.com and Kay will judge the best 3 at the end of February.
The 3 prizes will be:
1st. 'a meal for two at the Urban Reef'
2nd. a £25 voucher at Danestream Farm shop in the New forest
3rd. A 5ltr Bag in Box apple juice as pressed by our friends at Hill Farm Orchards


Some of our bestest friends?

Danestream farm shop

We're obsessed about using the very best suppliers we can find. The balance of price / quality and ethics drives us constantly to do better. We've been working with our butcher 'Paul' for a couple of years now and really understand each other.

Paul owns 'Danestream Farm Shop' in the New Forest. After 28 years in the 'game' he really knows his 'bacon'! (oh we make ourselves laugh). Paul shares our ethics and only uses the finest meat from the finest farms. He knows all the farms personally and if he say's something will be lovely, we can trust he’s telling us the truth. You can visit Paul yourselves in person at BH255QU or virtually here. Mention the Urban Reef and we know he'll try extra especially hard to look after you. Paul's tip this month is that pork is a great price this time of the year... a seasonal thing.

Paul at Danestream farm  

In our Deli

You can buy some of Paul's produce in the Urban Reef deli too, such as 10oz rib eye steaks and free range chicken breasts. You can also buy Kay's cakes, some lovely organic New Forest eggs and some local jams and chutneys. But what we're also dying to know is what you would like to see in the deli. We're thinking of filling picnic baskets with tasty treats for you to enjoy in the summer... or how about a deli starter pack that will get you going with all your essential store cupboard ingredients... or breakfast packs so you can cook and enjoy our local Surf's Up breakfast at home. We'd love to hear your suggestions so please email lauren@urbanreef.com who looks after all things delitastic, and we'll try them out.



Drink of the month

Kumquat and ginger sour
A nice warming spicy winter cocktail to make you feel lovely. Although not British, kumquats are in season at the moment and make a great key ingredient to this cocktail. Try and choose firm ones that are bright orange in colour. They are rich in potassium and vitamins A and C, plus a good source of fibre... practically a health drink! The Dorset ginger cordial is a beautiful winter warmer too and can be ordered here. Take a look at the full recipe below and make your own, or pop into the Urban Reef or Urban Beach to try a professional version.

Muddler (use end of a rolling pin)
Mixing glass
Bar spoon (or tea spoon)

Cut 3 kumquats in half and a smidgen of fresh ginger and place in a mixing glass. Add 2 bar spoons (tea spoons) of sugar syrup and 'muddle' to bring out the flavours. Add 50ml of Tanqueray gin and 2 bar spoons (tea spoons) of Dorset ginger cordial. Squeeze half a lemon and 2 bar spoons of sugar syrup. Add one free range egg white. Shake as hard as you can for about 15 seconds. Pour into your favourite glass at home over ice, using the strainer. Garnish and enjoy.

Urban Reef Kumquat and ginger sour  
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