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February newsletter


Welcome to our 'loved up' newsletter. Firstly, a big thank you to all you lovely people who chose to spend your Valentine's evening with us. We saw many happy couples gazing into each other's eyes and holding hands over the tables while listening to the fab Hannah Robinson perform some of her soulful tunes. The 'cherry on the top' was a marriage proposal! Luke Coleman proposed to Sharna, his very splendid girlfriend who he has been with for a year and a half. Rather gutsy Luke got down on one knee in front of the whole restaurant (what a big romantic!). Congratulations Luke and Sharna and thanks for choosing the Reef for your special evening!

Keep reading to hear more about our farm, there's an offer which we hope will tickle your taste buds for the remainder of the month, we give you an introduction to Ben 'the eyes' in 'meet the team', and you'll also get to meet the very lovely 'Min' in our popular 'meet a customer' section. In 'what's in your tummy' we have a rather yummy chocolate fondant pudding (especially one for the ladies we think!) and to keep with all things 'Valentines' we have a romance themed 'competition'. A chap called George from Hurn Honey Farm features in our 'bestest friends', and a fresh and fruity Carrot colada is our 'hiccup'.

As always feedback on this month's newsletter or anything else is appreciated via mark@urbanreef.com. Remember if you want to read any of our previous newsletters you can find them here.

Thanks so much for reading, enjoy the blurb, keep in touch and pop in and see us soon.

Cheers – Mark (Head Urbaner)

Mark Cribb Urban Reef owner  

The next 30 days

Mainly for the next 30 days we'll be getting very very excited. Did you know it's only six weeks till the clocks change. Yep that's right, just six weeks until we get longer evenings. Oh yes. Two members of the team have already let out a very little excited wee just at the thought of it. Did you? Some of you may also have read about our 'farm' out in the New Forest that we're setting up. Just one acre to start with growing heaps of our own veggies and salad. We'll have much more on that soon, but it will certainly be occupying our time in the month ahead as we get things ready for spring planting.

At the restaurant though you can find:

2 Courses for 12.95

Throughout the remainder of February we will be running a very special two course menu for 12.95 because we know you are all a little poor and frankly we miss you when you don't visit. Further details can be found on our facebook and twitter pages where we often run last minute promotions. So for those in the know of the lingo 'like' us here or 'follow' us here and we'll be able to keep you in touch with all our last minute deals and ongoing news that comes out in between newsletters.

Pie and Ale fest

Coming soon is our Pie and Ale fest on Friday 25th March. We'll have a local brewery, Palmers, showing their produce and a few straw bales to make us feel all 'country'. Full details to come and best place to keep track will be via our Tweets and updates.


Sunday night live

We have the perfect antidote to those old January Blues, 'Sunday Night Live' is back!! Yes, Jon Cotton will be playing his great mix of lively and soulful tunes, we will be offering you a delicious three course menu with a detoxing cocktail (if there is such a thing!) all for 20. Those of you in the know have already booked your tables as to avoid any disappointment so hopefully we will be seeing a few more familiar faces in the crowd.

Full details can be found here.

Music Wednesdays at the Urban Reef

Jonathan Cotton
27th February


Meet the team


Many of you will recognise Ben, the one with the eyes! Not the dog, that's Wilfred. Unflappable Ben is charming no matter how busy we get and really does have amazing eyes. Take a long deep look next time you are in and you'll be amazed, genuinely, just ask him, or even better don't ask and simply freak him out by staring at him!

Training - Ben trained and worked as a fitness instructor and has worked in hospitality since the age of 17. Before joining the Urban Reef one year ago he was a manager at the Royal Motor Yacht Club how posh... and now we have him in Boscombe you know!
Favourite Food - Rack of lamb, served pink, amazing!
Favourite drink - Rioja (bottle!)
Did you know - Ben loves mountaineering and plans on climbing Mont Blanc next year. Best of luck Ben and thanks for being very eyeie!

Meet the Urban team



Meet a customer

We love Boscombe, and having made it our home for the past four and a bit years we really want to recognise the amazing local community who make this place diverse! Each month we'll introduce you to a couple of our lovely customers, who as a thanks for being special will also get dinner for two on us. To nominate yourselves please email community@urbanreef.com and let us know what you like about Urban Reef, Boscombe and life in general xx

Who: Min - Min is a 70 year old lady who lives here in Boscombe and has been coming down to Urban Reef for the past year or so every day (religiously between 10am and 12pm) with her dog for a Regular Americano (large at weekends) and on special occasions even treats herself to a cheeky bowl of chunky chips with sweet chilli sauce.

Min came in for her 70th Birthday meal tail end of 2010 with her two daughters and polished off in style a few bottles of Chilean Merlot her fave drink. Her fave food is Fillet steak cooked medium with tommy sauce!

Love: Min loves walking along the beach with her dog and is reluctant to go on holiday because Min loves it here so much.

Like the Urban Reef because: (Over to her...): I love sitting on the outside sofa, love the coffee and the staff and just love sitting and watching the sea and the world go by from the decking (Thanks for being lovely Min, it's a real joy to see you each day and please do enjoy a meal on us by way of thanks!).'

Urban Reef loyal customers



What's in your tummy?

Chocolate fondant pudding

Now this is just a little bit naughty, but so many of you have been tucking into this decadent choccie pudding over the past month at the Reef that we thought we'd give you the recipe to enjoy at home. You'll need some little metal dessert moulds for this one and a bit of patience. Have a go though, since even if it goes just a little bit wrong, it'll still be lip lickingly tasty!

Fondant ingredients

125g butter
25g plain flour
200g good-quality dark chocolate
2 eggs
2 egg yolks
100g caster sugar


Preheat the oven to 180C, gas mark 4

Take your individual metal pudding moulds and brush with butter. Then coat the buttered moulds with flour, tapping off any excess flour.

Place the chocolate and butter in a heatproof bowl and set over a pan of simmering water. Make sure the bowl does not touch the surface. Once melted, stir until smooth. Take the bowl off the pan to allow the chocolate to cool slightly.

Place the eggs and sugar in a mixing bowl. Using an electric whisk, beat on high until thick, pale and fluffy. Fold the cooled chocolate mixture into the eggs and sugar. Sift in the flour and gently fold it in.

Divide the mixture equally between the prepared pudding moulds. Place in the oven for 14-16 minutes. Remove from the oven and set aside for two minutes. Using a tea towel, invert onto plates and carefully remove the moulds. Serve immediately with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or double cream.

Urban Reef recipe of the month

Chocolate fondant pudding


Oohh, a competition...

A romantic competition

Love it or hate it, Febuary is officially the most romantic month of the year. So with that in mind we at Urban have decided to make our regular competition a romance themed challenge.

Please email us the details of the most elaborate/quirky/extravagant Valentine's present or suprise you have ever experienced to competition@urbanreef.com and as usual we'll buy dinner for two for our favourite... what are you waiting for?


Some of our bestest friends

We adore bees. We've mentioned them a few times. At the Urban Beach recently we even gave you some special seeds to grow some bee friendly plants. You can read a little into here on our beach blog if you've got two minutes. Amazing heh? So they need extra love at the moment since have been disappearing. We recently went to meet a chap called George who loves bees more than is probably healthy. But you know us, we love a bit of passion so let us introduce you to:

Hurn Honey Farm

Hurn Honey Farm has been open since 1984 and is located just round the corner in Ferndown. It's run by a Greek chap called George whose been doing nothing but loving bees for the whole 27 years! He shows them so much respect that he does not even use the traditional smoking method to calm them down as he thinks it's unkind. How thoroughly decent! A huge amount of work goes into producing this honey but we think it's well worth it, and it's lovely on some porridge or toast. There's a great local blog you should be aware of with some great details about George and his bees so lets hand you over to Nick here. So, next time you seen Hurn Honey on the deli shelf, do pick up a jar.

Urban Reef bestest friends

Hurn Honey Farm



Carrot colada

New year's resolutions are long gone we expect, right? Don't worry; life can still be delicious as well as healthy on rare occasions. To show you we speak the truth please meet our refreshing non-alcoholic carrot, pineapple and lemon drink. Quick, simple and also very healthy. We've also found this rather perfect following a night with perhaps one too many Kiwi Sauvignon Blancs! Let us know what you think.


1 carrot
100ml pineapple juice
25ml lemon juice
a scoop of crushed ice

How to make it:

Put all the ingredients in a blender, blend, then pour into a glass. Yes, it really is that easy!

This drink will be featuring in our new spring cocktail menu, which will be out shortly. If you would like to try this with alcohol (and we think you would!), then we recommend a white rum. Enjoy!

The Urban Reef Hiccup

Carrot colada


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